Not A Romance Language

My boyfriend used to write me weird cryptic German love notes. I used to tell him: “I don’t know German. I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me.” And he’d say: “You don’t need to know German, you just need to know Love.” I thought that sentiment was maudlin and impractical, so we broke up. 

Eine Trennung ist wie das Lesen Deutsch: viele schwierigeSilben füllen dein Gehirn und Mund.

I’m a straight-A student, never done drugs, I have an amazing sense of humor, we have a lot in common, we are the same age, and she helped me find Jesus. Her parents still managed to convince her that she could do better. The person she’s with now has a D+ average, has a history of violence, drug use is questionable, and is a few years older … but “he’s a total sweetheart.”

As they said to Jesus, your day will come.

He reappeared after completely disappearing for weeks and not only used the ultra-religious group he’d just joined as a justification for repeatedly cheating on me, but he was wearing a really ugly jacket.  At the time I was basically desperate enough to overlook everything, so it was the ugly jacket that got through to me.

Give him a break.  The Pope is required to wear that outfit.